KAMPO MUSEUMKampo Museum is a calligraphy museum with the theme of "Learn the calligraphy culture and world," operated by the Japan Calligraphy Education Foundation to disseminate calligraphy culture.
As one of the major museums that introduce calligraphy culture in Japan, Kampo Museum was opened in October 1995.
The museum has a collection of as many as 25,000 items, which the late Kampo Harada, the founder of Japanese calligraphy, took more than 30 years to collect. They include calligraphy and paintings in modern China, as well as documents on Chinese calligraphy culture, and are displayed in turns in permanent and special exhibitions.

KAMPO MUSEUM・Learn the calligraphy culture and world

Kampo Harada

About Kampo Harada

Kampo Museum was named after the founder of Japanese calligraphy, Kampo Harada (whose real name was Kotaro Harada; Kampo was his pseudonym).
Advocating "proper and beautiful calligraphy of love," Kampo Harada launched a business to provide correspondence calligraphy courses in 1953. Since then, the business has developed to cover the whole country.
In 1985, the organization operating the business was turned into the Japan Calligraphy Education Foundation, a public-interest corporation, and now runs calligraphy classes across Japan for many people to learn calligraphy by modeling Kampo's works.

After the death of Kampo Harada in July 1995 at the age of 84, Kampo Museum was opened in October 1995 in Higashiomi-shi (former Gokasho-cho), Shiga to display a large number of cultural and educational materials including calligraphy-related materials that he took 30 years to collect.


Facility name
136 Gokasho Tatsuta-cho, Higashiomi-shi, Shiga
Parent organization
Japan Calligraphy Education Foundation
Access by train/bus
Get off at JR Notogawa station → Take Ohmi Railway Bus (towards Yokaichi) and get off at Kondo Tatsutaguchi stop → Walk approx. 15 minutes (approx. 25 minutes in total)
Get off at Ohmi Railway Gokasho station → Walk 10 minutes

Access by taxi
10 minutes from JR Notogawa station

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